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Romy Lace - Best Lace Manufacturer in Surat, India
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The Visionaries

Own for our durability and exemplary designs, our products are an outcome of the creativity from our experienced team. The company's in-house research and development (R&D) team is perhaps the main sector owing to the company's progress creating new items at addresses for every need in the industry.The team works round the clock to study the customers' growing needs and thus work on providing new and even enhanced designs to its products.

Assure Quality Why choose us? What we Do?

Assure Quality

Quality checking is the first & foremost priority given for our products.Quality is always being checked and assured at every stage right from procurement of raw-materials and manufacturing/processing and ultimately packing. This comprehensive quality-control system ensures that the customer gets the very best coupled with its reliable and timely delivery services. Our products are manufactured in a stringent manner to conform to the international standards of quality.

The Visionaries - Romy Lace - Best Lace Manufacturer in Surat, India

Why choose us?

Keeping pace with modernisation Romy Lace today owns sophisticated automatic machinery where finer techinques of weaving are skillfully channeled to perfection.

We have in-house manufacturing facility with advanced highspeed machineries. No need to say that laces are the subject of creation and machines work efficiently only if we improvise them with our own R & D. Apart from machine made items many items are being created and manufactured by hand by specially trained workforce. 

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What we Do?

Innovation and creativity are the strongest pillars of our organization. They ignite our imagination and give the much needed punch to our product range. We work persistently to introduce variety in our product range, which presents a unique confluence of aesthetics, beauty and quality. Our skilled craftsmanship with persistent pursuit of perfection has brought forth an array of products that would instantly captivate current market needs.